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Winter Driving Safety

Cherry Hill car accident lawyers discuss winter driving safety.As the weather becomes colder, harsh driving conditions can create increased risks for car accidents. Almost 20 percent of all motor vehicle collisions will take place during a snow or ice storm. To prevent serious car accidents during this time of year, remember the following winter driving safety tips.

Respect Driving Conditions

Understanding winter weather can change unexpectedly and quickly result in unsafe driving conditions is crucial during this time of year. Watch weather forecasts and heed safety warnings to stay off the roads as a storm approaches or worsens. When snow or icy rain is in the forecast, drivers should be prepared to remain off the roads.

Driving during a snowstorm is an unnecessary risk for most drivers. If one must navigate icy road surfaces, they should avoid using cruise control and increase their following distances from other cars. Braking unexpectedly and excessive speeding can become especially dangerous when driving during harsh weather conditions. Drivers should make sure all snow and ice debris is thoroughly removed from their car windows and the roof of their car to prevent snow from flying off and striking or obstructing the view of another vehicle.

Maintain Vehicles

By properly maintaining one’s vehicle to operate efficiently in harsh weather conditions, drivers can prevent car malfunctions from occurring in the first place. When a car breaks down in the winter months, motorists can become stranded and exposed to harsh weather conditions. Keeping up with routine car maintenance is necessary to avoid unexpected car trouble. Now is the ideal time to check a car’s braking and heating systems. Always drive with an adequate amount of windshield washer fluid and gas in the tank. Tires should also be inflated and inspected on a regular basis.

Prepare for the Worse

Drivers should equip their vehicles with emergency supplies if they become stranded during the cold weather. These supplies should include warm clothing, flares, an ice scrapper, extra food and drinks, a flashlight, blankets, and a snow shovel. Remain in the car while help is on the way to avoid frostbite or hypothermia.

Compensation for Individuals Injured in Car Accidents

Not all drivers take the necessary safety precautions when driving in harsh winter conditions. If the recklessness or carelessness of another driver caused you or your loved one to suffer significant bodily injury or damage to your vehicle, the other driver may be liable for these injuries. By filing a negligence lawsuit against all responsible parties, including negligent drivers and municipalities who fail to properly maintain their roads, car accident victims may receive compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, and damages for one’s emotional distress.  With the assistance of an experienced Cherry Hill car accident lawyer, injured victims can obtain the compensation they deserve.

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