Wenonah Parents Urge School to Remove Gym Floors with Mercury

Wenonah Parents Urge School to Remove Gym Floors with Mercury

Wenonah Parents Urge School to Remove Gym Floors with MercuryParents from Wenonah, New Jersey attended a town meeting on Tuesday to urge the Wenonah Board of Education to remove the school gym floors that contain mercury. More than 60 parents attended the meeting regarding the school gym that is used for recreation and as a cafeteria for the students. They demanded that the school board reverse the decision to leave the floor in the gym intact instead of removing it. School administrators insist that the mercury levels in the gym remain below state standards and are safe for occupants’ use. Between March and June, test results found that the Wenonah school gym floors contained 0.74 micrograms per cubic unit of mercury vapors in the air, and the state standards require levels of 0.8 or lower. The school allowed more ventilation into the room at that time, which decreased the level to 0.23 micrograms.

Any level of mercury may cause an uncertain amount of health problems for individuals exposed to it. Across New Jersey, multiple school districts discovered that many school gyms and multipurpose rooms may contain dangerous levels of mercury through vapors rising from the flooring materials. Some school districts chose to replace the gym floors while others decided to hold off on removing the flooring until the levels rise above safe limits.

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