Toxins and Lead Found in E-Cigarette Vapors, Study Reports

Toxins and Lead Found in E-Cigarette Vapors, Study Reports


Toxins and Lead Found in E-Cigarette Vapors, Study ReportsA new study found that various toxins and lead appear in e-cigarette vapors, which could lead to dangerous health issues for users. The study was published on February 21, and stated that leaks from the e-cigarette heating coils generated unsafe levels of lead, chromium, manganese, and/or nickel when in operation through inhalation. Scientists examined the e-cigarette devices of over 50 users, and made the discovery that significant amounts of the toxins were present in the aerosol that is inhaled by users when engaging the device. Allegedly, newer coils contained a greater chance of expelling hazardous leaks than older ones that were changed on a less frequent basis. Significant levels of arsenic were also detected in the refillable e-liquid used in the devices.

In the past few years, vaping has gained popularity among teens, young adults, and former smokers as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Along with the dangers of potentially explosive devices, the toxins leaking from the devices pose alarming health risks, too. Damage to the lungs, liver, immune system, heart, and brain may accompany e-cigarette use as well as a variety of cancers.

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