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Toxic Torts

Philadelphia Environmental Lawyers weigh in on what defines a toxic tort lawsuit. A toxic tort is a lawsuit filed by an individual who has been harmed by exposure to toxic substances, such as chemicals, pesticides, or pharmaceuticals. Often, a chemical or product is considered safe, but later found to cause health problems. Sometimes, people are exposed to these substances when they leak into the groundwater or are expelled into the air we breathe.

Many people who file toxic tort claims are employees who have been exposed to toxic substances while on-the-job. Every year, approximately 60,000 individuals suffer fatal injuries from occupational exposure to dangerous chemicals. Another 860,000 suffer from illnesses that they would not have contracted unless having been exposed to toxic substances at work.

Common Ways People Are Exposed to Toxic Substance

Consumer product injuries is one class of toxic tort. Anything from pesticides to breast implants have caused unintended side effects and serious health conditions in American consumers in the past.

Pharmaceutical drugs are becoming safer as the federal government cracks down, requiring tougher standards and more extensive testing. Some of the more well-known toxic tort class actions involve the drugs Prozac and Zoloft.

Sadly, sometimes people can be exposed to toxic substances that have leaked into their water supply or in the air they breathe. For example, a lot of demolition work in an area can cause a city’s air to be filled with lead particles that can cause lead poisoning when inhaled into the lungs.

As stated, the most common type of exposure is occupational in nature.  When workers encounter chemicals such as benzene, asbestos, beryllium, or silica, they can suffer from cancer or other health conditions. Employees may be exposed to low levels of the chemical over a prolonged period, or may be exposed to extremely high levels of dangerous chemicals all at once, resulting in chemical burns or other injuries or illnesses.

Sometimes, people are exposed to toxins in their very own homes. For example, contact with toxic mold from moisture or formaldehyde-treated flooring can cause serious health problems.

Who Is Responsible?

An experienced environmental lawyer can help you determine the class of plaintiffs whom you should file your lawsuit against.  Often, people who have been exposed to chemicals will sue the manufacturer or distributor of the chemical or pharmaceutical, the owners of the premises where the toxic chemicals were leaked or released, manufacturers of equipment that failed to protect them, and the companies that stored the toxic substance that caused them harm. There is no limit to the number of potential defendants that can be joined in a toxic tort action.

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