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Toxic Chemicals Harming Children’s Brains

Over the last few decades, the government has taken steps to restrict the use of certain heavy metals in manufacturing to reduce health risks to consumers.  Many parents may have a false sense of security that their children are safe from contamination based on the increased regulation of some pollutants. Unfortunately, a new research study published by New York University reveals this may not be the case.

Dangerous Chemicals

Scientific research has confirmed exposure to toxic chemicals, such as lead or mercury, can harm the developing brains of children. Lead found in pipes from older plumbing systems or in paint can contaminate food and water presenting a continuing risk. One of the most concerning adverse health effects resulting from exposure to lead and mercury is the potential loss of IQ points. The New York University study indicated nine million IQ points are lost by American students annually due to exposure to heavy metals.

New Health Risks

While the study indicated exposure to lead and mercury is declining, the presence of other chemicals in the environment continues to present a risk for children. Researchers are now warning of the potential dangers of several less commonly recognized pollutants, including organophosphates and flame retardants. Organophosphates are commonly found in pesticides and can be ingested by children.

Another significant health risk is exposure to flame retardants, which can result in serious cognitive deficits. Used to reduce the combustibility of products, these chemicals can be found in every home. Common household products typically containing flame retardants include bedding, computers, televisions, and different types of furniture. Many flame retardants contain dangerous polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) which can alter the levels of the thyroid hormone, which plays an important role in brain development.

Protecting Children from Exposure

Limiting potential exposure to dangerous chemicals can protect children from developing chronic health conditions, including delays in cognitive development.  Eating organic fruits, vegetables, and fish can reduce the amount of pesticides ingested by young children. Eliminating dust in a home by using HEPA filter vacuums and wet mops is another way to reduce the presence of contaminants in a home. Frequent hand washing and periodically testing for lead in the home are other easy preventative steps parents can take.

Holding Parties Responsible

Companies that manufacture, distribute, sell, or market products containing dangerous toxins may face legal liability for injuries caused by these lethal substances. Injured individuals should contact an experienced toxic tort lawyer to protect their rights against all entities releasing toxic chemicals into the environment.

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