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“The Devil We Know” Film Examines PFOA Contamination in West Virginia

Philadelphia Environmental Lawyers Discuss “The Devil We Know” Film Examines PFOA Contamination in West Virginia“The Devil We Know” is a film that appeared at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival in January that examines PFOA contamination that originated from DuPont in Parkersburg, West Virginia, and how the citizens of the town filed a class action lawsuit against the company. Many of the citizens worked for the company and felt torn about their roles in fighting back against the pollution affecting their water supply and the air they breathe, despite the fact that corporate factions of the company acknowledged the danger. The class action lawsuit that was filed is one of the largest recorded in history. The film also explores the far-reaching effects of PFAS chemicals throughout the world. View the film’s official trailer here.

Exposure to toxic chemicals such as PFOAs may cause cancer and other serious medical conditions. The chemicals may adversely affect babies and children by interfering with their development and manifesting in the victims through learning disabilities. One of the products that contains these types of dangerous chemicals is non-stick cookware, which may seep into the ground through disposal at factories located near residential communities.

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