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Thanksgiving Travel Safety

Cherry Hill car accident lawyers discuss Thanksgiving travel safety.For many Americans, traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday involves hours spent in a car to visit friends and loved ones. By following the travel tips outlined below, drivers can be sure to arrive safely at their destination.

Prepare for the Drive

Before setting out on any long-distance driving trips, individuals should take several preventative steps to ensure their vehicles are ready for the road. Monitoring fluid levels in the radiator and cooling systems, replacing worn tires, checking to make sure front and back windshield wipers work and replenishing supplies in the car’s emergency kit can go a long way in preventing car trouble. Insist all passengers wear seat belts during the entire trip to avoid serious injuries due to a possible collision. When driving to areas with colder weather, remember to remove all ice and snow that accumulates on the vehicle prior to driving.

Eliminate Distractions

Distracted driving is the leading cause of motor vehicle collisions and results in the largest number of accident fatalities. Any behavior that causes a driver to remove their eyes from the road poses a serious safety hazard. Some of the most common distracted driving behaviors include texting or talking on a cell phone, programming GPS devices or car infotainment systems, eating or drinking, personal grooming activities, reading maps, turning around to care for children or pets, and adjusting temperature settings.

Be Aware of Road Conditions

Nothing can impede a safe arrival to a holiday destination quicker than unexpected inclement weather. Slick roads resulting from extreme cold, hail, rain, or snow should be avoided. Make plans to delay travel in the case of upcoming storms. When driving in unfamiliar areas, schedule travel during daylight hours when there is greater visibility of the road conditions. Remain alert for changes in scheduled routes resulting from road construction, traffic delays, and unforeseen weather changes. Finally, take notice of the position of other vehicles, particularly large trucks, that may not be visible due to a driver’s blind spots.

Compensation for Individuals Injured in Car Accidents

Even the most cautious individuals can be involved in car accidents resulting from the negligence of another driver. Dealing with the financial aftermath of a car accident can become a nightmare for many families who are forced to deal with mounting car repair bills, ongoing medical expenses, and lost wages. By filing a civil lawsuit against those individuals whose negligence caused the car accident, injured individuals can obtain compensation for the costs of damage to their vehicles, medical and psychological treatment, prescription drugs, rehabilitation, occupational or physical therapy, and lost wages. In many cases, injured individuals are also entitled to damages for their pain and suffering. By contacting an experienced Cherry Hill car accident lawyer, injured individuals can take the first step toward obtaining entitled compensation.

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