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Testing Truck Drivers Reduces Accidents

Cherry Hill Truck Accident Lawyers weigh in on truck driver testing in hopes of reducing truck accidents. Many commercial trucking companies have high standards for hiring drivers that include driving tests and physical assessments. Now, there are psychological assessment tests available that can help predict who will be a reliable and safe driver. According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics in 2016, the number one cause of fatalities in the workplace was transportation accidents, many involving trucks and heavy equipment. Since the number one cause of truck accidents is driver error, the best method for reducing accidents is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Testing Before Hiring

Psychometric tests are not about driving, instead they measure key attributes that are common to all good commercial drivers, including attentiveness, good concentration, memory, spatial orientation, quick reaction time, and multitasking capability. Each of these attributes can be measured, as can personality and behavioral tendencies. Testing can determine a person’s ethical awareness and trustworthiness as well as their impulse control and whether they may behave counterproductively in the workplace.

Taken together, the candidate’s overall score for these factors will show how likely they are to cause an accident. The best drivers are vigilant and value safety over risk taking. The tests can be tailored to different industries and different types of driving. The impact for safety in low-paid driving jobs, and other jobs which previously had no such testing, could be significant.

Testing Before Driving

Shorter versions of these tests can be used to assess drivers who are about to start their shifts to determine if they are fit for the job that day. The tests last about three minutes and can be completed on a laptop on-site. Drivers who are overtired, stressed, or under the influence of an illegal substance would be flagged by the test and then assessed in person by a supervisor. A supervisor will also be able to evaluate if the employee was flagged for a different reason, perhaps because they rushed through the test, and not because they are unfit to drive.

Large companies will find it impossible for supervisors to personally check every driver who is about to drive. Psychometric testing can provide a way to ensure that drivers are attentive and ready for the job before they leave the premises.

The Future of Truck Driving

As in every modern industry, technology and automation help humans do their jobs better and faster. Driving is no different as car and truck manufacturers seek to develop self-driving machines. Cameras and radar already help us park and adjust cruise control, however in an emergency, the driver’s skills are key to avoiding accidents, no matter how much automated technology a vehicle has.

Testing drivers to assess their attributes before hiring them can help lower the risk of accidents, protect expensive vehicles and machinery, and most importantly, save lives.

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