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Swimming Pool Slip and Falls

South Jersey Slip and Fall Lawyers report on poolside slip and fall accidents. After a seemingly endless winter, most people look forward to getting outside to soak up some sun. Many families find that hanging by the pool is the best way to catch some rays while meeting friends and neighbors. With summer now well underway, it helps to keep in mind that between all the fun of the season, sometimes, accidents will happen.

Pools are a great way to escape the summer heat, but they can also be dangerous. What happens if you get hurt while visiting a public or private pool? Might someone else be responsible for your injury? The following are some factors that may affect the safety of pools and their surroundings.

Pool Safety

It is the responsibility of the homeowner or public-pool managers and staff to make certain that conditions are kept safe.

The following are common hazards that lead to injuries:

  • Untreated patios. A solid wood, natural stone, or paver patio surface should be treated by a professional with an anti-slip coating to prevent slippery algae growth. Many pool owners skip this step to save costs, creating a dangerous hazard for unwitting visitors.
  • Pool covers. The anchors where pool covers are attached during the winter can pose a tripping hazard.
  • Summer clutter. Bottles of sunscreen, childrens’ toys, and towels on the ground can pose a serious risk of harm to visitors.
  • Diving boards. Often made of slick plastic, diving boards can accumulate water on their surface and become extremely slippery.
  • Pool bathrooms and dressing areas. These areas should have slip-resistant flooring. These are an extremely common area for serious slip and fall.
  • Sunblock slicks. Spray-on sunscreen is convenient, but its application can create an extremely slippery residue on walking surfaces that is difficult to remediate. Any place people apply suntan lotion, spray-on or otherwise, should be regarded with caution.

Pool owners or managers, whether they are private individuals, public entities, or private swim clubs, may be held liable if a visitor is injured in a slip and fall accident on the premises.

What to Do After a Poolside Slip and Fall Accident

Even the most careful individual can slip and fall near a swimming pool. Oftentimes, a person who has fallen may feel embarrassed or not realize the extent on his or her injuries and thus decline medical treatment – only to suffer serious problems days or even weeks after the incident. Unfortunately, putting off medical treatment can not only make an injury worse, it can make it extremely difficult to prove the factors that led to the injury.

For this reason, it is critical to seek immediate medical treatment after a fall, not only to document your injuries, but also to ensure a speedy and full recovery. Take photos of your injuries on a regular basis to show either worsening or improvement.

If you suspect your injury is related to negligence on the part of the homeowner or public-pool staff, document the area where you fell by taking pictures. Note any warning signs, or lack thereof. Request contact information for anyone who may have witnessed your fall or the circumstances that led to the accident.

Recovering Compensation Through a Premises Liability Claim

Under the theory of premises liability, the pool owner, whether it is a private or public pool, has a duty to keep his or her property reasonably safe. In order to recover compensation, you must be able to prove that a breach of that duty (for example – the owner knowingly allowed guests access to an untreated patio deck that had developed slippery algae growth) was the direct cause of your injuries. An experienced South Jersey slip and fall lawyer can help you choose the best legal option to achieve a successful outcome.

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