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Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Lawyers provide insight into how to handle a slip and fall accident. A slip and fall accident can be a time of stress and confusion for injured individuals. Many are unaware that to receive compensation for their injuries, they need to take certain steps to preserve evidence and their right to bring a personal injury claim. Knowing what to do after experiencing a slip and fall injury can prevent further stress as injured individuals deal with the aftermath of their accident.

Seek Medical Assistance

Individuals involved in slip and fall accidents should never wait to get medical treatment. In some cases, injuries are not immediately evident, especially in cases of concussions, spinal cord injuries, and internal bleeding. The sooner the person is seen by a physician, the quicker they can recover both physically and financially from the accident. Physical injuries must be properly documented in order to file legal action.

Report the Accident

It is important to let the appropriate store manager, property owner, or landlord know about the incident immediately. By notifying potentially responsible parties of the accident right away, all parties will have the opportunity to preserve evidence and properly document the condition of the accident scene. Many commercial establishments have certain forms that must be filled out to begin an investigation of the accident.

Document the Details

In the heat of the moment, fall victims often forget to record important details about the incident, which may be quickly forgotten if not documented.  Documents detailing the events that took place will be helpful in the days to follow. Important information that should be recorded shortly after an accident includes:

  • Names, addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers of witnesses
  • Details related to the location of the accident, including the condition of the property and any weather conditions, such as ice or moisture
  • Exact time and date of the accident, including what actions were being performed prior to the accident
  • The exact shoes and clothing worn by the injured individual (which also should be saved as potential evidence)

Written accounts of the accident will be helpful if the injury victim decides to pursue legal action against the property owner or other responsible entity for failing to maintain safe premises. Documentation should also include photographs of the area.


Individuals who suffer injuries during a slip and fall accident may be entitled to compensation from responsible parties. Under the law, property owners must maintain their premises or face liability for any negligence that resulted in an accident. An experienced slip and fall lawyer can assist injured individuals in determining whether compensation is available to cover the costs of medical treatment, prescription drugs, rehabilitation, occupational or physical therapy, and lost wages.

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