Roller Coaster Derailment in Florida Leaves Six Victims Injured

Roller Coaster Derailment in Florida Leaves Six Victims InjuredOn Thursday night, a roller coaster derailment left six riders with a range of personal injuries. The derailment occurred in Daytona Beach, Florida on the Daytona Beach Boardwalk when two roller coasters derailed from the tracks, one of which dangled from the track, and plummeted over 30 feet. Two of the four passengers in the front car fell during the roller coaster derailment. Six victims sustained injuries, and two victims suffered from serious injuries. Firefighters pulled eight other riders to safety.

Riding roller coasters is a favorite pastime of many individuals who enjoy frequenting them on the boardwalk and at amusement parks. Unfortunately, roller coasters like trains may become derailed from the track if the vehicle is not properly maintained, contains a defective part, or is poorly affixed to the track. Injuries ranging from minor to catastrophic or even fatalities may be the result of a roller coaster derailment, which could prove devastating for any riders involved.