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Rideshare Sexual Assault

Philadelphia Sexual Abuse Lawyers weigh in on rideshare sexual assault claims. In the wake of investigations of sexual assault, lawsuits against both of the major ridesharing companies, Lyft and Uber, have been started. Uber has announced a major overhaul of its sexual assault policies. Uber will give both passengers and drivers greater leeway to pursue claims of sexual misconduct, and is overturning its prior policy of arbitration, and keeping sexual misconduct settlements confidential. Uber will also begin publicly reporting incidents of sexual misconduct to foster transparency.

Allegations have been made that Uber and Lyft drivers have assaulted or raped passengers. The lawsuits allege that the companies were negligent when hiring drivers. There is a pending class action lawsuit on behalf of women who allege they have been sexually victimized or abused by Uber drivers.

The fourteen women who made these allegations demanded that Uber drop its clause requiring claims of sexual assault to proceed to arbitration rather than court. They assert that the arbitration requirement is an attempt to silence their stories.

Uber has now complied with the demand to waive arbitration but is still fighting to prevent the fourteen women from obtaining class action status.

Lyft has also now abandoned its mandatory arbitration and confidential civil settlement policies with respect to allegations of sexual misconduct.

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