Possibly Hazardous Radium Levels Found in Pennsylvania Drinking Water

Possibly Hazardous Radium Levels Found in Pennsylvania Drinking WaterAccording to a new report, a national environmental group warns that possibly hazardous levels of radium have been discovered in Pennsylvania’s drinking water. Although low concentrations are naturally found in soil and water, and surfaces as the most common radioactive element in tap water, the report states that the levels exceed health standards set by the EPA. Three Pennsylvania water companies showed radium levels above EPA standards while more than 450 companies contained levels that exceed health guidelines that align with the California Office of Environmental Hazard Assessment, which was used in the report. Oftentimes, when uranium or oil and gas drilling takes place, the drilling stirs up natural radium, which increases levels.

Despite the natural occurrence of radium in drinking water, long-term exposure to excessive levels increases the risk of developing several types of cancer. Radium will accumulate in the body, and due to its staying power, could possibly increase an individual’s cancer risk by a significant degree. Some cancers that stem from constant exposure include bone, breast, and liver cancer, which could prove fatal.

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