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Woman Claims Racial Profiling at Pennsylvania Turnpike Starbucks

Racial profiling occurs when an individual is targeted and treated differently because of his or her race or the color of his or her skin. Private businesses, government entities, and law enforcement agencies can be perpetrators of racial profiling. A recent report of racial profiling at a Starbucks coffee stand on the Pennsylvania Turnpike rest stop highlights this increasingly common problem.

Starbucks Incident

According to a female traveler who stopped at Starbucks at the Highspire Service Plaza last fall, a white customer was harassing two black baristas. The female observer, who was also black, tried to intervene on behalf of the two workers. When the white customer began cursing at her, the Starbucks manager intervened. The woman claimed that although she was not the cause of the conflict and was only trying to come to the aid of the baristas, she was ejected from the establishment. She believes she was signaled out as the troublemaker solely based on her race and treated differently than the white customer who allegedly started the incident. The black customer alleged the mishandling of the situation was racially motivated by white management.

Following an incident of racial profiling at a Philadelphia location earlier last year, Starbucks offered ongoing sensitivity training to all their franchises, including those operated by separate companies. The Starbucks located in the Highspire Service Plaza is run by a global restaurant organization, MHSHost. Starbucks reached out directly to the alleged victim to personally address her complaint. MHSHost denies these allegations, releasing video surveillance footage they believe exonerates them from the woman’s claims.

Responding to Racially Motived Conduct

Racial profiling results in a violation of an individual’s civil rights. Some companies address the problem of racial profiling by providing employee awareness training on the importance of diversity and inclusion. In response to the MHSHost incident, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission emphasized the training it provides its workers. Consumer advocacy groups encourage companies who use outside contractors to ensure their subcontractors follow these same standards. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When a business or government entity fails to train their employees properly on the illegality of racial profiling, it may face liability when an incident occurs.

Compensation for Victims of Racial Profiling

Illegal racial profiling can occur anywhere. Individuals who have suffered a violation of their civil rights may be entitled to compensation. By filing a civil lawsuit against responsible parties, racial profiling victims can seek monetary damages. The first step in determining whether compensation is available is to contact an experienced civil rights lawyer to further discuss your situation.

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