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Protecting Veterans’ Benefits

The lawyers at Williams Cedar have represented dozens of veterans in claims for service-connected disability benefits, due to a variety of conditions, including cancer, hearing loss, and other traumatic injuries.

Veterans’ claims are often routinely denied in the VA’s initial review process.  Appealing these denials can be a complicated, frustrating process.  Under recent revisions of the law, experienced lawyers are now permitted to represent veterans in appeals from benefit denials.  Gerald Williams and Beth Cole of Williams Cedar are licensed to practice before the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans claims on behalf of those denied federal benefits in death and disability claims.  In partnership with Steve Pennington of the Center for Disability Law and Policy, they continue to work with veterans who seek the benefits to which they are entitled.  If you have been denied benefits by the VA, or wish to speak to an experienced Pennsylvania veterans lawyer regarding the process, please contact us online or call 215-557-0099 or 856-470-9777. Protecting the rights of veterans throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and across the country.