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Slip and Fall Accidents

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Slip and fall is a term used to refer to an incident where an individual slips or trips and falls on another’s premises or property. The owner or manager of the property who is responsible for maintaining the premises against dangerous conditions may be held legally liable for the injuries that result due to his or her negligent maintenance. Hazardous conditions on a property or in a building may be torn carpets, poor or non-existent lighting, uneven flooring, narrow stairs, lack of or broken handrails, wet stairs or floors, broken or cracked sidewalks, potholes, or slips and falls during rain, ice, or snow over inadequately maintained areas.

If you or someone you love sustained injuries on another’s property or in or around a public building due to the negligence of the property owner anywhere in the state of New Jersey, or in Pennsylvania, it is recommended that you speak with a member of our firm. We have extensive experience assisting accident victims with all aspects of personal injury claims and cases, from the filing of the claim through trial and jury verdicts. Our legal team is well-versed in all facets of personal injury law and property negligence and can apply a wealth of experience, skills, and resources to your case.

South Jersey Slip and Fall Lawyers Share StatisticsSlip and Fall Statistics

Slip and fall accidents are more commonplace than you might think. One in five falls results in a serious injury for the victim. Older adults are most as risk of being injured from a slip and fall accident. Moreover, more than 800,000 people are hospitalized each year from a slip and fall injury.

Property Negligence Cases

In order to recover a claim for property negligence, it must be proved that there was a responsible party whose negligence was the underlying cause of the injuries sustained by the afflicted party. A dangerous condition on the property must be proved that was created by the property owner or existed which the property owner knew about and failed to correct.

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