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Motorcycle Accidents

Have you or someone you love been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Pennsylvania or in the state of New Jersey? If so, we may be able to help you. Our legal team has extensive experience representing accident victims in all aspects of injury litigation from filing insurance claims through trial and jury. We have the experience, skills, and resources you need to resolve your motorcycle accident case.

Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of serious injury and death in this country. Every day innocent victims of negligent, intoxicated, or otherwise deficient drivers are severely injured or die in traffic accidents involving vehicles and motorcycles. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has reported that in the last year almost 3 million persons were injured or killed in accidents on U.S. roads and highways. These injuries can include head trauma, brain and spinal injuries, organ damage, burns, multiple bone fractures, internal bleeding, loss of limb, disfigurement, comas, and other life-threatening conditions. Without the steel enclosure of a vehicle surrounding their bodies, motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to such catastrophic injuries.

Catastrophic injuries from auto and motorcycle accidents may be life-threatening and may cause body damage requiring weeks, months, and even years of physical treatment and therapy. Some victims never fully recover their previous physical abilities and are left disabled, jobless, and in need of permanent physical assistance. Because these injuries literally change their lives, it is that much more important that they receive the financial damages they are entitled to for medical care, future treatment, lost earnings, loss of future earnings, emotional trauma, and more.

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