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T-Bone Car Accidents

“T-bone” car accidents occur when one car hits head on into the side of another car. Over three million of these extremely dangerous broad side collisions take place each year in the United States, resulting in devastating injuries to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

T-bone side impact collisions can take place under a variety of traffic situations including when:

  • Vehicle one crosses through an intersection on green while vehicle two goes through red hitting the driver’s side of vehicle one;
  • Vehicle one crosses through an intersection while vehicle two cuts in front of it, making a turn and causing vehicle one to hit the passenger side of vehicle two;
  • Vehicles fail to stop or yield the right of way at an intersection controlled by a stop or yield sign

When a vehicle is pushed sideways toward a highway or in the direction of oncoming traffic, a secondary collision can occur, compounding the damage to the vehicle and its occupants. The force of side impact collisions also can cause a vehicle to roll over completely or spin uncontrollably in the direction of the other vehicle. When a t-bone accident takes place on a steep road or sloping road shoulder, the magnitude of the force can cause the cars to fly through the air at alarming speeds.

Resulting Injuries

Due to the violent nature of most t-bone car accidents, the resulting injuries can be catastrophic in nature. With minimal protection provided by only a door and window for most victims of side impact collisions, the extent of injuries is heightened. As the average weight of motor vehicles continues to rise, the dangers associated with side impact collisions become more alarming.

Some of the most common injuries seen in victims of side impact collisions are:

  • Bruising and broken bones caused by the deploying of side impact air bags
  • Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries
  • Cuts and lacerations caused by broken glass
  • Neck injuries including whiplash and sprains resulting from sudden jerking motions
  • Spinal fractures and back injuries including herniated discs
  • Pinched nerves
  • Paralysis
  • Internal bleeding
  • Pierced organs

In addition to permanent injuries, t-bone accidents result in as many as 10,000 deaths each year.

Responsible Parties


Finding the party at fault in a t-bone crash can be difficult. Unlike other types of collisions. such as rear impact or side swipes, it often is not immediately apparent which driver acted negligently. Both the driver who does the broadsiding and the driver who is broadsided could share some degree of the blame in a side impact collision. Experts can examine forensic evidence at the accident scene such as skid marks, gourge marks, yaw marks, tire tracks, and impact marks on guardrails or fencing to determine the path of each vehicle. If driver error such as failing to yield the right of way caused the accident to occur, the injured person may be able to file suit against the other driver to obtain compensation for their injuries, even if they were a passenger in the driver’s car.


In cases where a faulty or defective car part worsens the injuries sustained by victims in a side impact crash, the company that made those components could also share in the liability. Common examples of this include defective side impact airbags that fail to deploy, failed brakes, nonfunctioning lights, or broken seatbelts. All cars sold in the United States must meet federal side-impact safety standards. When a car manufacturer fails to adhere to these guidelines and their negligence contributes to the injuries caused by a t-bone accident, they also may face liability.

For assistance in navigating the complicated issues of fault in a side impact collision, individuals injured in these types of accidents should contact an experienced South Jersey car accident lawyer for guidance.

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