FELA: Railroad Injury

Federal Employers Liability Act (F.E.L.A.)

Since 1906, the Federal Employers Liability Act has protected the rights of railroad workers injured on the job, when those injuries resulted from the negligence of the railroad or any of its agents.

Compensation in these cases is governed by a number of factors, including:

  • Ability to return to work with the railroad
  • Degree of negligence by the railroad and/or its agents
  • Degree of personal responsibility (carelessness on the part of the injured employee) for the accident
  • Seriousness of the injury
  • Length and extent of medical treatment/rehabilitation
  • Lost wages
  • Permanence of injury/disability

Many workers make the mistake of assuming they are entitled only to lost wages. But, depending on the circumstances, workers can potentially recover for past, present and future pain and suffering as well as past, present and future wage loss. Every case is different.

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“The potential for serious injury exists in the maritime and the rail industries, and yet most accidents are the result of very mundane, seemingly minor incidents. Even a blown fuse, for instance, could cause a train crash.”
-Sam Abloeser