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Violation of First Amendment Rights

Violations to Constitutional First Amendment rights occur when the liberty to free speech, religion, and peaceful demonstration are denied or prevented. It is the inalienable right of all Americans to pursue legal recourse when their First Amendment rights are violated. The legal team at Williams Cedar are diligent defenders of the U.S. Constitution, and work earnestly to protect the constitutional rights of our clients. We are prepared to aggressively defend their right to the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Types of First Amendment Violations

First Amendment rights are not only granted by the Constitution, but are also protected by federal, state, and local laws that protect each of these freedoms:

  • Freedom of Speech is the foundation to all other First Amendment rights. The right to express oneself verbally and in written form extends to areas of religion, protest, and lobbying. Americans are afforded the privilege of speaking their mind, voicing their opinions, and using advertising and promotion to encourage and persuade. Censorship, refusal to print or broadcast content on media that is within the context of appropriate verbiage, or denying one’s right to freely express controversial opinion are violations of freedom of speech.
  • Freedom of the Press includes newspapers, television programs, social media, advertisements, publications, and other promotional materials educate, promote, protest, or otherwise communicate platforms of interest and importance. The public relies on the freedom of the press to responsibly report local, state, national, and global news. Limiting or censoring this information is a violation of First Amendment protections.
  • Freedom of Religion is perhaps the most widely interpreted part of the First Amendment. Religious freedom allows everyone to practice their faith openly, to wear clothing consistent with faith doctrines, and to refuse to participate or condone acts that violate religious beliefs. Failure to allow religious sects to practice their faith, live out their moral beliefs, or promote their beliefs is a violation of their First Amendment rights.
  • The Right to Assembly affords Americans with a viable outlet to gather peacefully to discuss, protest, or effect change in matters of public, private, and governmental interests. Police interference, denial of space or time to assemble, or interruption to the assembly is in violation of our First Amendment protections.
  • The Right to Petition: The authors of the Constitution held firmly to the belief that the government is for the people and by the people. Even in areas where the majority opinion has prevailed, Americans are still entitled to lobby and petition local, state, and federal officials to modify ordinances, policies, and laws they find offensive or ineffective.

Pennsylvania Civil Rights Lawyers at Williams Cedar Defend First Amendment Rights

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