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Are Police the Leading Cause of Death?

Philadelphia police brutality lawyers discuss if the police are leading cause of death.According to a new study released by Rutgers University-Newark, police misconduct ranks sixth for cause of death for males between the ages of 25 and 29. Many of the fatalities included in the statistics are men who have posed no physical threat to the police. For families of police misconduct victims, the study validates their concerns that this problem has been overlooked and unaddressed for far too long.

Lethal Police Behavior

Close to one million police officers perform law enforcement duties across the country. While the majority have not been involved in police misconduct, some of those engaging in the use of excessive force have been responsible for tragic fatalities. Death resulting from police brutality was the sixth highest cause of death for young males in the Rutgers study. Some of the lethal police misconduct falling into this category included death by shooting, chokeholds, overuse of pepper spray and Tasers, and other forms of excessive force.

Increased Risk for Black Men

Recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences, the Rutgers study highlighted the increased risk of death for black men in encounters with police officers. Researchers found black adult males are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than white males or black females. Other minorities, including Latinos, Native Americans, and Alaskan natives, also faced an increased risk of death from police misconduct.

Public Reaction

The recent media spotlight on police-related fatalities has resulted in vocal public reaction. Advocacy organizations, including the Black Lives Matter Movement, continue to demand more police accountability for the individual officers, their superiors, and police departments who engage in a culture of brutality against minorities. Some police departments continue are searching for ways to engage local communities in a positive manner. Rutgers researchers urge greater emphasis on the creation of community-based services focusing on public health and social welfare to reduce the frequency of police-caused deaths. Other victims’ rights groups demand stricter restrictions on the use of firearms by armed officers responding to crisis situations.

Holding Police Responsible for Police Misconduct

When law enforcement officers violate the civil rights of an individual, they deserve to be held accountable for their actions. Excessive force and other types of police misconduct can have devastating effects on families who must deal with the aftermath of physical and emotional trauma. By filing a civil lawsuit against the police officers and police departments who fail properly to train and supervise their employees, victims of police misconduct can obtain compensation for the violation of their rights.

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