Phila Civil Rights Lawyer | Police Union Attacks Eagles Football Player

Philly Police Union Attacks Eagles Football Player

Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcom Jenkins received harsh criticism following his recent comments on alleged police brutality by the Philadelphia Police Department. Despite the backlash, Jenkins stood firm behind his statements, which called for more accountability and transparency in the police department.

Call for Police Reform

Jenkins is a co-founder of the Players Coalition Task Force, a non-profit organization advocating for criminal justice and police reform throughout the country. The Eagles player recently wrote a co-ed piece for the Philadelphia Inquirer highlighting several ongoing problems in the Philadelphia Police Department. He provided several alarming statistics in his piece about the frequency of racist and sexist social media posts made by Philadelphia police officers and the high percentage of traffic stops for minor offenses involving black individuals.

Philadelphia law enforcement agencies have been under scrutiny amidst allegations of sexual harassment and racial discrimination leading to the resignation of a police commissioner last summer. In his editorial, Jenkins asked Mayor Jim Kenney to pick a new police commissioner who will focus on ending the allegedly corrupt and racially discriminating practices of the department.  Jenkins alleged the selected police commissioner is often unwilling to challenge the police union and call out bad behavior of any police officer, regardless of how egregious the circumstances. Other data released with the editorial underscored the problem with union contracts, which allowed officers fired for misconduct to eventually return to their positions.

Harsh Reaction from Police Union

The Fraternal Order of Police, a union representing over 14,000 active and retired police officers, swiftly reacted to the newspaper piece denouncing Jenkins and challenged the data presented in the op-ed piece. While the union’s response also personally insulted and attacked both Jenkins and the paper itself, there was no response to the several recommendations made by Jenkins in his call for reform and accountability. Without the union’s willingness to engage in productive dialogue with organizations, such as the Players Coalition Task Force, it remains unclear how a positive relationship could be developed in the future.

Compensation for Victims of Police Brutality

Any unwarranted use of excessive force can constitute police brutality. Some of the most dangerous abuses of power include the use of deadly force against unarmed citizens, physical coercion of false confessions, tampering with witnesses by physical intimidation, false imprisonment, improper use of tasering, sexual assault or rape by a police officer, and physical assaults, such as beating, choking, or kicking. Individuals who experienced police brutality may be entitled to monetary compensation for the violation of their state and federal civil rights.

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