Two Philadelphia Schools Closed due to Asbestos Exposure

Two Philadelphia Schools Closed due to Asbestos Exposure

Two Philadelphia Schools Closed due to Asbestos ExposureTwo Philadelphia schools will be closed due to the possibility of asbestos exposure. On Wednesday, the School District of Philadelphia announced that the schools would remain closed until the following week to allow crews to remove the asbestos. During an environmental inspection, asbestos was discovered around the air ducts in a boiler room at Benjamin Franklin High School and in a common area at the Science Leadership Academy, which shares property with the high school. Although testing revealed that the asbestos was within acceptable levels as determined by the Department of Health, the school district chose to close the schools to proceed with the asbestos removal.

Even though asbestos exposure most commonly affects workers in specific industries, those in the military and at homes where asbestos is present may be exposed to the potentially lethal substance. Victims may inhale or swallow the toxic dust, which causes a dangerous build-up in the lungs and other vital tissues. Asbestos exposure may lead to several forms of cancer including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other detrimental health issues.

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