Pain and Suffering Approved in Pennsylvania Whistleblower Case

Pain and Suffering Approved in Pennsylvania Whistleblower Case

Pain and Suffering Approved in Pennsylvania Whistleblower CaseA whistleblower case in Pennsylvania confirmed the approval of pain and suffering, otherwise known as non-economic, damages used in other cases under the Pennsylvania Whistleblower Act. The plaintiff of this particular whistleblower case worked for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) for 10 years before his termination in November 2008. Before the allegedly wrongful termination, the plaintiff was employed as a financial manager for the PTC and ensured that financial reports were accurate and completed in a timely fashion. When the PTC decided to implement a computerized financial reporting system, they culled bids from numerous companies. The plaintiff believed that the bidding process for the contract resulted in an unfair advantage for one particular company who offered a higher bid over other lower-bidding companies. Although he voiced his concerns to his supervisor several times and complained to a co-worker about the company who was awarded the bid, his complaints were dismissed, and he was eventually terminated after a reassignment to another PTC position. He filed a claim for wrongful termination and retaliation after he lost his job. He was awarded a verdict of over $3 million, nearly $2 million of which was designated for pain and suffering.

Many individuals who cite fraudulent or illegal activities at their workplaces risk losing their jobs when acting as whistleblowers against their employers. The federal False Claims Act protects whistleblowers who assist the government in revealing illegal activities wrought by their employers. The case described confirms that pain and suffering damages are legitimate restitution for whistleblowers.

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