Pennsylvania House Reintroducing Clergy Abuse Bills

Pennsylvania House Reintroducing Clergy Abuse Bills

Pennsylvania House Reintroducing Clergy Abuse BillsThe Pennsylvania House is reintroducing bills focused on making it easier to file clergy abuse suits for victims. Representatives Mark Rozzi and Jim Gregory are sponsoring the two new bills that were recently introduced. The first piece of proposed legislation would eliminate the statute of limitations and allow future child abuse victims the capability to file suits against their perpetrators until age 55. In the second proposal, lawmakers would amend the current Pennsylvania Constitution to offer a two-year window in which to file past abuse claims. On Wednesday, a final vote is anticipated, which will be forwarded to the state Senate for their consideration.

While the proposed bills will give future victims of clergy abuse or other forms of sexual abuse the opportunity to hold their abusers accountable, the proposals do not offer any justice to abuse survivors who have suffered for decades, sometimes never revealing the trauma they experienced to anyone. The legislation fails to address what survivors and those in support of the previously proposed changes to the statute of limitations wanted — to be able to file for the past criminal actions that their abusers committed against them that continue to haunt them.

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