Bucks and Montgomery Blood Tests Show Excessive Contaminants

Bucks and Montgomery Blood Tests Show Excessive Contaminants

Bucks and Montgomery Blood Tests Show Excessive ContaminantsThe results from the first blood tests of Bucks and Montgomery County residents show an excessive amount of contaminants. After the 2014 discovery that water supplies near the Willow Grove, Pennsylvania and Warminster, Pennsylvania military bases contained a high level of chemicals, notably PFAs, officials administered blood tests to residents to detect the presence and levels of chemicals in their bloodstreams. Health officials took a random sampling of the population and received the results in September, which revealed that the level of chemicals within their bloodstreams exceeded typical Americans by five times. Over seven micrograms per liter of a type of PFA, known as PFHxS, infiltrated their bloodstreams. The amount of PFOs was more than double the national average, and the amount of PFOAs was 1.5 times the national average. The chemicals that seeped into the water supplies originated from the firefighting foam used at the military bases.

Water contamination stemming from military bases in Pennsylvania continues to flood the news yet the resolution and remediation of this problem lumbers along. Unfortunately, with alarming levels of contamination found in residents’ bloodstreams, serious illnesses and medical conditions may adversely affect the victims. Liver damage, several different forms of cancer, and fertility issues are the potential ailments residents may face.

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