Norwood EPA Meeting About Possible Chemical Contamination Occurs

Norwood EPA Meeting About Possible Chemical Contamination Occurs

Norwood EPA Meeting About Possible Chemical Contamination OccursIn Norwood, Pennsylvania, an EPA meeting about possible chemical contamination, originating from a former landfill, took place on Thursday night. Hundreds of residents gathered at the meeting to voice their concerns about the increase in multiple sclerosis (MS) and cancer illnesses occurring in their community that they believe stems from the site. The landfill, once comprised of two former dumps, was used from 1950 and 1960 and again through 1961. It is not certain how large the landfill may have been or what it contained, which the EPA can also not pinpoint. At the EPA meeting, residents surmised that it may be laboratory waste and other contaminants. In 2016, the federal government fielded a number of complaints by residents who urged them to examine the landfill and determine if it indeed contained contaminants and which ones. The testing did not yield any definitive results, but the Agency for Toxic Substance Diseases Registry will be assessing the cancer and MS risks and provide results in the next year.

In Norwood, a resident claimed that six neighbors developed cases of MS, and many other residents present at the EPA meeting cited multiple cases of cancer afflicting family members and even themselves. They believe that the overwhelming number of residents with the diseases may be a direct result from the presence of the former landfill. Chemical contamination seeping from operating landfills and former ones brings up very real concerns about the potential for residents to develop serious and life-threatening illnesses.

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