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Settlement for Ferris Wheel Accident

New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers of Williams Cedar Settlement for Ferris Wheel AccidentWilliams Cedar LLC attorneys David M. Cedar, Esquire and Shauna L. Friedman, Esquire successfully negotiated a substantial settlement involving victims of a tragic Ferris wheel accident which happened on August 8, 2016 at the annual fair in Greenville, TN.  The terms of this settlement are confidential.

The incident involved two children who were ejected from their Ferris wheel gondola when it became wedged with a supporting cross-bar, an adult victim who was also injured in another gondola which began to tip after becoming wedged with the gondola that poured out the children approximately 40 feet to the ground, and the parents of these children victims who witnessed these events.

Williams Cedar LLC teamed up with Stephen A. Weiss, Esquire of Seeger Weis, LLP and Bruce D. Fox of Fox & Farley in the prosecution of this case against the defendants Family Attraction Amusement Company, the operator at the Greene County fair who owned and operated the Ferris wheel at issue in these cases, and the Greene County Fair, Inc., the host of the Greene County Fair, as well as other companies and individuals associated with the Ferris wheel maintenance and operation. This settlement will hopefully inspire fair hosts and ride operators to take appropriate steps to safeguard the public from fare ride dangers. Read more about the case here.

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