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Judge Rules Some Paulsboro Settlements Invalid

A Gloucester County Superior Court ruling has deemed some settlements resulting from Paulsboro Train Derailment in November 2012 invalid after it was found that the settlements were made without court approval via a process known as a “Friendly Hearing”.  The purpose of a “Friendly Hearing” is for the court to determine the fairness and reasonableness of a proposed settlement and to ensure that the settlement is in the best interest of the minor or mentally incapacitated person.

Attorney Shauna Friedman successfully argued in front of the Honorable Timothy W. Chell, P.J.Cv. that settlement agreements signed by parents or guardians on behalf of minors and mentally incapacitated persons in connection to the Paulsboro Train Derailment from November 2012 that did not go through a “Friendly Hearing” are invalid since they failed to follow the proper court processes for the requisite approval.  Children or mentally incapacitated persons whose claims were settled without court approval are now eligible to reopen their claims and possibly receive additional monetary compensation.

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