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Firefighter Retaliation and Discrimination Case

Philadelphia Civil Rights Lawyers at Williams Cedar Represent a Firefighter in a Retaliation and Discrimination Case Williams Cedar represents a firefighter in a Title VII case alleging retaliation and discrimination. Recently,  the City of Philadelphia’s motion for summary judgment was denied. The court agreed that Plaintiff’s retaliation and discrimination claims should be decided by a jury.

The plaintiff, a firefighter for the City of Philadelphia, protested what he believed to be a wrongful termination on the basis of his race. He was successfully reinstated, but upon his return to work, he was given a “punishment” assignment to a far off station, although he was a primary caretaker for his sick mother. His requests for transfers and other accommodations were denied or ignored.  Even after taking medical leave for distress, he continued to be mistreated by his employer, who accommodated firefighters  similarly situated to Plaintiff.

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