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White House and EPA Delayed Chemical Pollution Study

Pennsylvania Environmental Lawyers weigh in on water contamination and delayed reportings on the findings of a recent study. The White House and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently delayed publication of an important study by the federal agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (“ATSDR”). The draft report is on the toxic effects of PFOA and PFOS contaminants found in widespread water supplies near military bases, chemical plants, and other sites in New York, Pennsylvania, and other states. Apparently, the report confirms that these chemicals are dangerous to humans at levels much lower than current “standards.”  The study was planned for release on January 30, 2018. Currently, no new publication date has been set. The withholding of information from the public likely delays cleanup activities and preventive health measures.

Although previous studies confirm the immense danger that PFOA and PFOS in community water supplies present, the suppression of this report keeps more individuals at-risk for developing serious and potentially fatal medical conditions.

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