Catholic Church Spent Millions in Lobbying Activities | Williams Cedar

Attorney Gerald J. Williams on the Church’s Efforts to Thwart Justice

Attorney Gerald J. Williams comments on Catholic Church's lobbying activitiesAn investigation backed by attorneys at Williams CedarSeeger Weiss LLPAbraham Watkins and the Simpson Tuegel Law Firm revealed shocking evidence of the Church’s unwillingness to live up to their promise to hold abusive priests accountable and change the system that allowed the abuse to continue for decades. The report, titled Church Influencing State: How the Catholic Church Spent Millions Against Survivors of Clergy Abuse, details the Church’s lobbying activities aimed at blocking legislation that would allow more survivors of child sex abuse to take their cases to court.

Attorney Gerald J. Williams was quoted in a recent CBS News article, saying it was frustration with the Catholic Church’s apparent efforts to block survivors’ chances of seeing justice served that inspired the firms’ investigation into the matter.

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