More Than 40 New Jersey Sites Contain Toxic Contamination

More Than 40 New Jersey Sites Contain Toxic Contamination

More Than 40 New Jersey Sites Contain Toxic ContaminationA new report shows that more than 40 sites in New Jersey contain toxic contamination, which is adversely affecting residential water supplies. The number of sites, including newly charted places such as public water systems, military bases, airports, industrial plants, dumps, and more, comes from a total of about 600 sites throughout the country that are facing the same issues with their water supplies. The chemicals reportedly leading to contamination are PFAs, and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection identified five companies within the state that contributed to the problem. Unfortunately, at the federal level, no legally enforceable limits exist under the Safe Drinking Water Act. The presence of the chemicals does pose a public health risk and legislators are urging the Environmental Protection Agency to set definite limits.

The presence of PFAs in water supplies may cause individuals to develop different forms of cancer, liver problems, and other medical issues. In the recent past, manufacturers used the chemicals to produce non-stick cookware, carpeting, firefighting foams, and other household products. Without any real, legally sanctioned limits to its use, residents living near contaminated areas may be at-risk for serious or fatal illnesses.

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