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New Jersey Children Tested for Elevated Lead Levels

South Jersey environmental contamination lawyers discuss New Jersey children tested for elevated lead levels.Recent testing on almost 4,500 children in New Jersey revealed the presence of an alarming amount of lead in their blood. Over 190,000 children received screening last year, with 2.3 percent testing positive for over five micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood. These children are now being designated for follow up treatment. The findings raise concerns about the safety of water supplies, plumbing systems, and older residences for many New Jersey families.

Potential Contamination Sources

Lead exposure in the home is a significant cause of the elevated lead levels in children’s blood. Major sources of residential lead contamination are corroding lead-based plumbing systems and lead water lines, flaking lead-tainted paint, and contaminated soil. Contaminated water systems are another potential source of exposure for these children. Recent federally mandated testing revealed several large water systems in New Jersey tested positive for excessive lead levels.

While lead occurs naturally in the environment, lead pollution resulting from industrialization and reckless disposal have led to the overexposures known as lead poisoning. According to the released data, the highest percentage of New Jersey children with elevated lead levels resided in Trenton and Irvington. Children with the highest lead levels resided in Salem County, Cumberland County, Essex County, Mercer County, and Warren County. Considering these results, the New Jersey Health Commissioner committed to increased prevention, screening, and intervention programs throughout the state.

Dangerous Health Effects

Exposure to excess levels of lead, especially for a developing child, can lead to serious medical conditions. Scientific research has long established the negative effects of lead exposure on the developing brain and central nervous system. In some cases, elevated lead levels in children to requires inpatient hospital treatment. Food poisoning in children generates increased risks for behavioral problems, the development of certain cancers, learning disabilities, attention deficits, and hyperactivity.

Children who tested positive for elevated lead levels will receive public health intervention services to monitor the potential for these dangerous health effects. These interventions range from follow up medical testing, assistance provided by public health nurses, and pollution remediation services. New Jersey spends over $10 million annually on these intervention programs.

Compensation for Toxic Exposure Victims

When exposure leads to physical injuries, the parties responsible for negligently releasing these dangerous materials into the environment can be held accountable for their actions and the damages caused by these toxic chemicals. By filing a civil lawsuit against the companies who manufacture, sell, and market these toxins, injured individuals and their families can receive compensatory damages to help cover the costs of medical treatment, lost wages, property damage and pain and suffering. With the assistance of an experienced South Jersey environmental contamination lawyer, injured individuals and their families can seek the justice they deserve.

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