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More PFOA Trouble

New Jersey Environmental Lawyer, Gerald J. Williams, Reports on More PFOA Trouble

Gerald J. Williams, Esq.

The ubiquitous compound PFOA continues to turn up as a dangerous presence in Americans’ drinking water.  The compound was long used by DuPont and other large corporations in the manufacture of multiple “non-stick” and “rain-proofing” materials, with a complete lack of governmental regulation.  In recent years, scientists have confirmed the highly toxic nature of PFOA and related chemicals, linking it to a wide variety of serious illness.  PFOA has also proved itself to be a persistent contaminant.  Although companies stopped making it in 2002, it remains in high concentrations in water supplies across the nation.  Even worse, once ingested, it remains in the human body for decades.  Nearly every American alive today has PFOA in her bloodstream in some concentration, and, in communities whose water it has polluted, citizens have levels far above anything reasonably considered “safe.”

The latest local example of PFOA’s dirty work is in Pedricktown, New Jersey, where recent tests have found PFOA in private wells at levels well above the drinking water “standard” set by New Jersey, with no likelihood that the compound can be removed from the groundwater.  The apparent source is the Chambers Works facility operated by DuPont (now, Chemours).  Families who learn that their well has been contaminated should take immediate steps to protect themselves, including accepting the filtration systems offered by Chemours, limiting their use of unfiltered water, consulting with their physicians, and having their blood checked for PFOA.

If you live in the Pedricktown, New Jersey area where PFOA has been discovered, our environmental lawyers in New Jersey can help. We have extensive experience pursuing compensation for those harmed by contaminated water. We will fight to hold all accountable parties liable. For more information, call Williams Cedar at 856-470-9777 or contact us online.

By Gerald J. Williams, Esq.