Former Millville Police Officer Faces Police Brutality Charges

Former Millville Police Officer Faces Police Brutality Charges

Former Millville Police Officer Faces Police Brutality ChargesA former Millville police officer faces charges of police brutality for two separate excessive force incidents that occurred in 2018. In one incident, he allegedly threw the female victim to the ground after she was pulled over for drinking while intoxicated. Another incident involved the police officer spraying the parent of a shoplifting suspect and then slamming the woman to the floor. On Wednesday, he pled guilty to aggravated assault charges and was sentenced to a one-year prison term at the Cumberland County Jail. Before the trial, the Millville police officer resigned from his position with the Millville Police Department in Millville, New Jersey.

Although police officers may need to use a mild and appropriate amount of force to quell a suspect in an allegedly criminal action, excessive force used by a police officer violates the individual’s civil rights and may cause them serious injuries. Many situations that police officers deal with may be tense, dangerous, and require quick decision-making skills, which adds to the volatility of the proceedings. In the heat of the moment, however, police officers who lose their cool may be liable if they exert too much force on a suspect or victim and injuries result.

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