Military Allegedly Not Using EPA Recommendations for PFAs Cleanup

Military Allegedly Not Using EPA Recommendations for PFAs Cleanup

Military Allegedly Not Using EPA Recommendations for PFAs CleanupAllegedly, the military is not using the EPA recommendations set forth that aim to assist in the PFAs cleanup near a former military base. High levels of PFAS have been found in the soil and water supplies of communities near the former Willow Grove military base in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania due to the past use of firefighting foam. In the spring, the EPA suggested that levels found that are above the threshold of 40 ppt for PFAs and related toxic chemicals will be considered harmful to residents and communities near the bases. The US Department of Defense who must spend billions on the cleanup deemed 400 ppt of PFAs as the threshold to screen the soil and groundwater in the areas surrounding the bases, which is 10 times higher than what the EPA allows. Lawmakers and activists are opposed to these measures and demand that the government issue much stricter regulations to follow.

Chemicals used for firefighting foam at military bases contained PFAs, which seeped into water supplies and the soil in nearby residential areas. The contaminated soil and water pose a significant health risk to residents and may contribute to multiple types of cancer, developmental delays, and other medical issues. A lower threshold used to screen for chemicals means that the area may be a hotbed of potentially fatal consequences for anyone who resides in the area.

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