Lead Exposure Concerns Over Bordentown Water Supply

Concerns Over Bordentown Water Supply and Lead Exposure

Lead Exposure Concerns Taint Bordentown Water SupplyLead exposure, particularly in children, remains a concern for residents of Bordentown, New Jersey. More than one year ago, federal testing of the town’s water supply showed high lead levels. At that time, roughly one-third of the 84 homes tested had excessive levels of lead. Subsequent testing by the city revealed that out of nearly 100 homes, one in five had lead levels above the accepted standard. Over the summer, the town provided free lead testing for any residents who requested it. In October, it was revealed that one home had lead levels 48 times the allowable EPA threshold.

An overwhelming majority of homes within the town have not yet been tested, and many are questioning why the problem continues to be a threat more than a year after it was first identified. Until this matter is fully resolved, experts caution that children should avoid drinking tap water that has not been tested or properly filtered.

Municipal water supplies that contain lead or other toxic metals put residents at risk for developing serious health conditions. Children who have been exposed to lead may face developmental delays and other neurological deficits, which may adversely affect them for the rest of their lives. Adults who consume water bearing high levels of lead may suffer from heart disease and neurological issues such as the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

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