Lead Contamination Plagues Newark Water Supply and Community at Large

Lead Contamination Plagues Newark Water Supply and Community

Lead Contamination Plagues Newark Water Supply and CommunityDespite previous protestations by the city, lead contamination is plaguing the Newark, New Jersey water supply. In the past few weeks, a report uncovered issues in one of the city’s two water treatment plants, and state testing revealed the presence of elevated lead levels three times the legal limit in the water. Allegedly, the treatments used to stop the leakage of lead into the water system failed, and around 25 percent of children in Newark have detectable lead levels in their bloodstreams.

Although the city of Newark denied the lead contamination issues confronting their water supply for about 18 months, they now claim they are changing their water treatment methods and will be replacing the affected pipes. They distributed water filters to residents and instructed parents of babies and young children to avoid using the water for cooking or drinking. Unfortunately, the denial has led to a lawsuit against Newark by the Natural Resources Defense Council for violating the federal drinking water law and endangering residents.

Lead contamination causes serious health issues, especially for babies and young children, and developmental delays that may create challenges for them throughout their lives. If you or someone you love developed medical conditions due to water contamination, our New Jersey water contamination lawyers at Williams Cedar will protect your rights. Call us at 215-557-0099 to schedule a free consultation or contact us online. We serve clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and nationwide.