Children Evacuated from Kearny Soccer Field Due to Landfill Emissions

Children Evacuated from Kearny Soccer Field Due to Landfill Emissions

Children Evacuated from Kearny Soccer Field Due to Landfill EmissionsOn Monday evening, the mayor of Kearny, New Jersey ordered around 160 children practicing on a soccer field to evacuate the premises. Allegedly, high levels of hydrogen sulfide gas permeated the air near Harvey Field and came from the nearby Keegan Landfill. The levels reached around 75 parts per billion on the fields, and on Saturday and the previous Tuesday exceeded the state threshold of 30 parts per billion. According to the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority (NJSEA), who owns and operates the landfill, a new gas collection system was installed at the landfill and may take weeks to become effective. Back in April, the town demanded that the landfill be closed permanently and filed a lawsuit against the NJSEA. State senators from Hudson County and county freeholders both introduced measures to urge the closing of the landfill.

While the NJSEA insists that the gas collection system will be the solution to keeping the landfill emissions under control, it may take time to regulate the air. Until that time if the emissions do not dissipate, individuals who become exposed to the hazardous air may develop health conditions such as headaches, nausea, and eye, nose, and throat issues. A sulfurous odor may make the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas easily detectable, but it is possible that other more harmful chemicals or gases that possess no obvious odor may further compromise the health of those exposed to them.

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