South Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers | NJ Car Accidents Part Two

Tips from a Certified Civil Trial Attorney You Can Use If Injured in a Car Accident Part Two

Having handled New Jersey and Pennsylvania car accident cases for over twenty-five years, I have experience, and give some tips you can use if injured in an auto accident.  Here is Part Two. Read Part One here.

By David M. Cedar

South Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers discuss what to do after you have been invovled in a car accident. Do NOT ignore injuries.  Sometimes injuries that were caused in a collision may take hours or days to produce symptoms or signs of injury.  Also, injuries may worsen as time progresses after a collision.  It is important to get checked out by a doctor if you suffer any signs or symptoms of injury.  The sooner the doctor addresses these injuries to better it is for you.  Also, timely documentation of injuries is important to any potential claim.

Document any time off work and your medical bills and appointments.  If you decide to make a claim, your claim may involve economic damages, such as loss of pay, loss of earnings, and medical expenses.

Do NOT call your insurance company until you are ready to do so.  You must report the accident to your insurance agent, but you may do so after you have had an opportunity to calmly reflect on the accident, investigate your injuries, and speak to an attorney if you feel that is required under the facts of your case.  All that is required is that you promptly notify the insurer.

Seek legal advice early. Most attorneys who help victims and their families offer a free initial consultation or no costs telephone advice.  Take advantage of this free advice early, which can prevent costly complications later in the claim.  Consider hiring a trained and qualified lawyer, with experience handling motor vehicle collision claims in the states that they practice law.  You will more likely make a greater recovery with a lawyer than dealing with an insurance company on your own.

After a collision, the most seasoned driver can become burned out, but following these steps may help protect you from unnecessary complications.

David M. Cedar, Esquire is the co-founder of Williams Cedar, LLC and was appointed by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney (2001) an honor awarded to less than two percent of all attorneys in the State of New Jersey.  David has been prosecuting claims on behalf of victims in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for over 25 years. To discuss the details of your claim, contact our car accident lawyers in South Jersey at 856-470-9777 or in Philadelphia at 215-557-0099. You may also contact us online.