Federal Government Opens Clergy Abuse Investigation in Pennsylvania

Federal Government Opens Clergy Abuse Investigation in Pennsylvania

Federal Government Opens Clergy Abuse Investigation in PennsylvaniaThe federal government will begin a clergy abuse investigation in Pennsylvania after issuing subpoenas to dioceses across the state to retrieve confidential files with testimony from prominent church leaders. The issuance of the subpoenas follows the grand jury report that revealed information about over 300 priests who molested thousands of children for over 70 years, which the Catholic church covered up. Before the report came out during the summer, state and local government entities handled any sexual abuse allegations aimed at the church. This landmark move in conducting a clergy abuse investigation by the federal government will play a significant role in holding clergy members who engaged in the sexual abuse of minors and church leaders who covered up the wrongdoings accountable for their actions.

Clergy abuse unfortunately is not a new phenomenon, but a crackdown on clergy members who abuse or have abused children, the subsequent cover ups by the Catholic church, and failure to punish perpetrators for their actions may be coming full circle. The vote to eliminate the statute of limitations regarding older clergy abuse victims from filing claims against offenders would play a vital role in offering justice to those still suffering from the abuse. Even adults who endured sexual abuse by a clergy member may struggle with issues including addiction, depression, and mental trauma for years afterward.

For victims of clergy abuse and their loved ones, the removal of the statute of limitations would free them from their torment and allow them to fight back against the abuse. At Williams Cedar, our Pennsylvania clergy abuse lawyers fully support the legislation and will serve as a staunch yet compassionate advocate for our clients who have faced this type of abuse. Please call us at 215-557-0099 or contact us online to schedule a free and confidential consultation. We represent clients throughout South Jersey, Pennsylvania, and nationwide from our offices in Philadelphia, and Haddonfield, New Jersey.