False Lead Paint Inspection Paperwork Filed in New York City

False Lead Paint Inspection Paperwork Filed in New York City

False Lead Paint Inspection Paperwork Filed in New York CityIn October 2016, paperwork verifying the completion of lead paint inspections for about 55,000 public housing apartments in New York that are operated by the New York City Housing Authority was filed. Apparently, the documents, which state that mandatory lead inspections were conducted from 2013 to 2016, were false because the inspections never occurred. The apartments, which house nearly 4,200 children, are required to be inspected annually according to federal and local guidelines. Although the documents were approved by the chairwoman of the New York City Housing Authority, the inspections failed to be conducted. A report from New York City’s Investigation Department that was issued on Tuesday found that allegedly the chairwoman was aware that the inspections were not done, and signed off on the paperwork despite her knowledge of their status. Federal prosecutors will determine if charges will be filed against the chairwoman and agency regarding the false certification.

Residences containing lead paint may cause residents, especially young children, to develop medical conditions and developmental delays if exposed to the lead. Due to lead exposure, individuals from any age group could contract health problems ranging from minor to life-threatening. If lead is discovered to be contaminating the soil in and around residential communities, there is a danger that the water supply could be polluted.

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