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Drivewyze Program Helps Reduce Trucking Accidents

Cherry Hill Truck Accident Lawyers weigh in on how Drivewyze technology is helping to reduce truck accidents. Commercial trucks cause serious and often fatal injuries when they are involved in accidents with passenger vehicles. Driver error remains one of the leading causes of most truck accidents. To reduce the number of truck accidents in the state, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Authority has been participating in a pilot program that utilizes innovative technology to alert truck drivers to highway hazard zones.

Drivewyze technology uses an onboard visual and audible system to alert drivers that are approaching high accident areas. When given warning of an approaching hazard zone, drivers can slow down and use caution to prevent an accident. The technology specifically helps drivers manage ramps and curves on the highway that cause accidents when truck drivers approach them at high speeds.

Drivewyze Results

After six months of the pilot program, analysts at Drivewyze have reported positive results. More than 70,000 driver notifications were dispatched to truck drivers during the pilot period. Data shows that drivers receiving the alerts reduced their speed in high accident zones seven percent more than those not in the pilot study. Trucking accidents related to high speed areas were also reduced during the pilot study period.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Authority and the state Department of Transportation are encouraged by the results of the study. The Drivewyze program offers safety enhancements for commercial drivers, as well as passenger vehicles on the road at zero cost to those paying tolls. Alerting drivers to danger zones and giving them time to correct behaviors that lead to crashes will ultimately reduce the number of serious and fatal truck accidents on the Turnpike.

Initial Drivewyze piloting began in 2015. There are currently more than 100 sites in 19 states set up to alert commercial drivers of danger zones. Thirty-two of these sites are positioned on curves and ramps along the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  The overall reduction in high-speed accidents on ramps, curves, and high-accident areas on the Turnpike has proven the technology’s value to transportation officials.

Additional Benefits with Drivewyze

Drivewyze technology offers other benefits to the trucking industry as well.  Commercial vehicle inspectors may be able to utilize the technology in the future to conduct electronic vehicle inspections. This would help address the ever-growing burdens placed on enforcement officers to keep up with the pace of commercial trucks on the road. It would also reduce the heavy traffic and congestion at weigh stations and inspection sites.

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Trucking accidents leave thousands of people seriously injured and permanently disabled each year. The commercial trucking industry is responsible to remain compliant with trucking laws, regulations, and mandates to ensure the safety of all drivers and passengers on the road.

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