Catholic Donor Urges Senators to Stand Up for Clergy Abuse Victims

Catholic Donor Urges Senators to Stand Up for Clergy Abuse Victims

Catholic Donor Urges Senators to Stand Up for Clergy Abuse VictimsA donor to many Catholic charities who was instrumental in bringing the Pope to Philadelphia in 2015 urged senators to stand up for clergy abuse victims. The donor text-messaged each Pennsylvania senator on Tuesday and posed a question regarding the vote on the proposed bill that will allow a two-year reprieve for older child sex abuse victims who wish to file claims against the Catholic church. He pointedly asked who they will support — the victims or the abusers  Since Wednesday is the last day for voting on proposed bills during the legislature’s two-year session, timing is critical for supporters of the bill to express their anger and frustration over any opposition from the Senate. Currently, only victims ages 30 years or younger may file lawsuits against their abusers.

If the proposed bill removing the statute of limitations for filing child sex abuse claims becomes law, many victims will receive the justice they deserve after years of suffering. Not only will older clergy abuse victims be eligible to file, but those who feared coming forward and facing their abusers will be granted the ability to do so in a court of law. Victims who endured sexual abuse as children may be more likely to develop drug or alcohol addictions, and contend with depression, suicidal thoughts, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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