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Avoiding Accidents at Four Way Intersections

Cherry Hill Car Accident Lawyers offer insight on avoiding accidents at four way intersections. Traveling in high traffic areas presents a unique safety risk for drivers. One of the most accident-prone traffic locations is a four-way intersection without a traffic light. At a four-stop sign intersection, it can be difficult for traffic to flow smoothly, as some drivers are unsure which car should proceed first through the intersection. By exhibiting patience and understanding the traffic rules of the road, drivers can avoid dangerous intersectional accidents.

Following the Rules of the Road

When approaching a four-way intersection, drivers should follow the standard rules of the road to determine which driver has the right of way. Under standard driving etiquette, the driver who arrives at the intersection first always has the right of way. If two cars are directly across from each other, they can both go straight or turn right. When two or more cars enter the intersection simultaneously, the general rule requires drivers to yield to cars to the right of them.

Drivers should proceed with caution and generally yield to the most aggressive driver to avoid a collision. These rules change if one of the vehicles is turning, as vehicles proceeding in a straight line have the right of way over turning vehicles. When two cars enter an intersection head to head, both intending to turn down the same street, the vehicle making a right turn has the right of way.

Need for Additional Caution

When there are four motor vehicles approaching an intersection, all drivers should proceed with extra caution, even in situations where it is clear one car arrived first. It is not uncommon for distracted drivers to fail to notice which vehicle entered the intersection first and therefore proceed incorrectly. Other times, aggressive drivers disregard the rule and proceed out of turn. Both of these situations can result in a dangerous motor vehicle collision. Remembering to use turn signals and always come to a complete stop at intersections can help prevent four-way intersection crashes.

Compensation for Car Accident Victims

Collisions at four-way intersections can result in significant bodily injuries leading to permanent disabilities. The costs of medical treatment, hospital stays, rehabilitation services, occupational or physical therapy, prescription drugs, and x-rays can continue for years. Along with lost wages, these costs can be overwhelming and become financial nightmares. By filing a personal injury claim against the responsible parties, injured individuals can seek compensation for these costs and for the pain and suffering they have undergone. To determine if compensation is available for injuries caused by a collision at a four-way intersection, contact an experienced Cherry Hill car accident lawyer who can help you navigate the legal process.

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