Arkema Indicted by Grand Jury for Toxic Exposure During Hurricane Harvey

Arkema Indicted by Grand Jury for Toxic Exposure During Hurricane HarveyOn August 3, in an unprecedented ruling, a grand jury indicted chemical manufacturer Arkema and two executives for toxic exposure that occurred during Hurricane Harvey. Our legal team at Williams Cedar is representing more than 75 individuals from Crosby, Texas who experienced toxic chemical exposure that resulted from the hurricane. The grand jury indictment, which was sought by the Harris County District Attorney’s office and its environmental crimes unit, marks a rare occasion on which prosecutors act to hold polluters criminally accountable.

On August 31, 2017, around 2 am, several explosions began at the Arkema facility in Crosby and continued for days afterward. A toxic cloud swept over the town, which put the community and surrounding areas at risk for serious health consequences. The facility, which stored about a half-million pounds of liquid organic peroxides, endured numerous explosions after a flood of around six feet of water due to the hurricane besieged the plant. The grand jury concluded that the incidents could have been prevented and indicted the company as well as the CEO and plant manager. Arkema may pay up to a $1 million fine, and the executives may face up to five years in prison.

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